“As a professional circus performer/acrobat- my body is my career and it’s important to me to take the best care of it possible. I’ve tried lots of the popular systems in the past but none have given me the results or the ‘pain free’-ness that FRC has given me. In the past month I have (somewhat crudely) implemented the things I learnt at the FRC seminar with Hunter in San Jose, and have seen improvements in my mobility and specifically improvements in my position for my sport/discipline as well as being consistently more pain free and requiring less time to feel ‘warm’ or ready for action. I feel more resilient, more structurally sound and just all around pretty fucking good because of my implementation of the FRC system into my own acrobatic training.”
- Nathan Price, Professional Acrobat for Cirque De Soleil


"Hunter is a rare gem, amongst all the insta-famous trainers out there. He is genuinely interested in helping people, he values autonomy so much that he will teach you everything he knows, but most importantly, he is honest. He knows a lot, but if he does not have the answer, he will tell you instead of making a bullshit story to sound smart! That is so valuable in the fitness industry nowadays, finding someone that you can really trust. This is why I fly over the oceans every year and create the opportunity to train with him :). I am so jealous of people who live in close proximity!"

- Sevinç Joy Gürmen, Professional Dancer


"I am a professional golfer, I started training with Hunter because I knew he was FRC certified and just practicing yoga wasn't doing it for me. Since we started in early December, I've learned how to internally rotate my hips much better which has changed the dynamics of my swing for the better. It has helped me with my endurance in my golf game, workouts, and any other activity I play. My shoulders also have opened up and strengthened within that new range dramatically. I would recommend a FRC Mobility Specialist to any of my golfing buddies or anyone looking to enjoy sport and freedom of movement. I Am grateful and enjoy this wonderful practice."

-Chad Selzler, Professional Golfer


As a dancer, I couldn't believe how much was lacking from a mobility standpoint.  Hunter opened my eyes to just how much more control I could gain if I keep up the practice. We all know where we are strong- but it takes a great coach to bring our weak points out and simultaneously be able to show us how to strengthen them.

-Slavik Kryklyvyy, Professional Ballroom Dancer


My way to Hunter started over following him on Instagram, being amazed at his mobility and creativity. I did not fully understand his ways of training yet but as I was traveling to Los Angeles in September 2016, I saw my chance in finally working with him.

I met Hunter the first day thinking we were going to work at my middle splits, as this was my main goal at the time. Maybe I would learn some nice exercises. I left the Naples Fitness with my mind blown.

Hunter assessed my whole body to see how it was working and oh boy, my hips were only the beginning of my problems. As a professional pole dancer, I put my joints and muscles under a lot of force nearly every day. Until this day I did not know how badly they were coping with this at all. I had shoulder pain but I just thought that I did too many competitions at that it would settle all by itself through rest. But Hunter showed me how much my Mobility was lacking in relation to my Passive Flexibility and I was in shock how I was slowly destroying my body. His way of explaining me the principles of FRC and teaching basic exercises that I could implement into my training changed my whole movement, training philosophy and teaching.

Hunter was always supporting me all the way from Long Beach to Switzerland, pushing me when I was getting lazy and answering questions when I had any. My mobility got much better, I am in no pain at all and my view on teaching others has shifted a lot. He thought me that I was a human before I was a pole dancer and I will forever be thankful! I go back to Long Beach to see Hunter once a year and can only recommend anyone to work with him.

-Jazzy Kühne, Professional Dancer


Hunter’s knowledge of how the human body is meant to move is second to none. Even more impressive is his ability to teach and connect.

At the beginning of his Kinstretch class, he approached me to discuss my unique injuries and limitations. He spent another 15 minutes with the class discussing important concepts to get the most out of each movement. We then worked through the whole body, giving me an appreciation of my body’s capabilities and limitations. We finished with targeting problem areas and deep breathing exercises. I left his class feeling limber, rejuvenated, and craving more.

His class will allow me to be a better clinician and trainer and I look forward to applying what I learned when I get back to Toronto. 

I highly recommend Hunter to anyone looking to improve how they move and feel!

-Dr. Mitch Broser, FRCms


Three years ago I went through my first Femoral acetabular impingement surgery, that surgery I had a lot of nerve damage that left me with my leg temporarily 98% paralyzed, which I fully recovered from.

There is a lot of damage to my hip flexor so lifting my leg can still be difficult. That thigh also atrophied from the paralysis. My second hip surgery was a year ago on the opposite hip. That surgery was again for FAI. I also developed avascular necrosis on my femur and had core decompression.

It took 3 years to finally diagnose that I had Hyper mobility. Which explained the surgeries and constant nerve/ muscle pain I have, and multiple muscle tears along the way.

Through the years I have tried everything! Chiropractor, rolfing, massage, graston, yoga, acupuncture to name some. I came across Hunters instagram and saw he taught classes locally! So I knew I had to try it. Anyone that has lived in chronic pain knows they will try anything to reduce it.

After my second class I felt amazing the next day, I can't even describe it. I know I have a long journey of this practice to really have long term benefits, but for the first time in a long time I felt like my old self again. My hips felt "open" .

Thank you Hunter for teaching this, I am grateful for people like you that chose to have a career that helps people like me. I feel blessed to have for this new world.

-Shannon Percy


I have been looking for something to help me recover from the ravages of Lyme disease that I have been suffering from for the last 4 years.

I had lost my strength, my flexibility, and my dancers body due to the horrendous fatigue and illness that are a result from healing from Lyme disease.

After only 5 Kinstretch classes with Hunter- I can stand for long hours, my posture is right back where it was, and all my dance muscles are waking up and acting like they did 10 years ago. My body had become so weak that basic training was so cumbersome. I feel stronger. My joint pain- especially in my low back and hips- has diminished and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hunter is saving my life because I couldn’t do this on my own. This is a hard thing for a trainer that has been teaching almost 30 years to say because we always want to be there for our clients but have a difficult time asking for help for ourselves. I’m so glad I found this class and Hunter- it really is amazing.

-Tracy Fitzpatrick