Here is what you need to do Next.

Log onto facebook. 
Search for “KINSTRETCH with Hunter” private FB group.
Request to join.

When prompted, answer the the following questions:

Did you subscribe through the website to get here?

Answer: Yes.

Mobility is not...

Answer: Flexibility

This is a process... not a...

Answer: quick fix.

Thats It!

For social media!
I will be keeping an eye out for my new students in the online space. I will occasionally share instagram stories and instagram posts on my page after classes get rolling.
But- for me to find you- let’s all agree to use #KINSTRETCHwithHunter as a hashtag to keep things organized. 
You can also tag #Hunterfitness and #KINSTRETCH but I will primarily look for my new students with the first hashtag.
Also- for me to even have the option of sharing instagram stories- make sure to tag @hunterfitness in your clips so I can press the “Add to my story” button. 
I will not share every single post- but a few per day.
Thanks again for starting another leg of your movement journey with me. 
See you soon.
Hunter Cook